Yoga Gear: Lululemon Tight Stuff Tight Review

I’m not silly enough to think that every person likes the exact same style of leggings, so I won’t say that these are perfect for everyone. What I will say, is that the Lululemon Tight Stuff Tight’s are my favorite leggings ever. I wear leggings literally every single day. Not only do I practice and teach yoga, but I also work out multiple times during the week. Leggings are my uniform and personally, I need to feel held in and secure by my pants. As a yoga teacher I see stretched out yoga pants constantly, and in my opinion, I don’t love the idea of people being able to see my underwear through my pants when I bend over. Whether it’s dead-lifts or downward-facing dog, my leggings are put through a lot of movement and stretching and need to be up to the challenge.

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Hence why I love these tights. I have them in 3 colors (yes, 3), and no, I’m not a Lululemon ambassador getting free clothing from them. I am a sweat collective member (if you’re a yoga teacher I recommend signing up for this program) so while I do receive a slight discount, I still fork over my hard earned money for these expensive leggings. Living in a tiny house and living on a fairly conservative budget, I’m quite picky about where I spend my money and these leggings obviously make the cut.

Tight Stuff Tight’s live up to their name in that they are extremely tight. They are the thickest fabric that I have been able to find from Lululemon, but additionally, their construction is perfection in my mind. They are a mid-rise pant, just high enough to be able to tuck my pooch into, but not so high that they make a cut in my waist and chop me in half like some high-rise leggings. They have a zipper pocket in the back, which would be convenient if I was a runner (I’m not, surprise!), so honestly I could live without it so that I could enjoy my happy baby pose without rolling over the little zipper tag. But obviously, it’s something that I’m willing to deal with because they are so lovely in every other way. I have thick legs and the leggings are quite snug and they smooth everything out. Often leggings are too thin for my liking, I won’t feel held in and/or you can see my cellulite through the thin fabric--- not so with the Tight Stuff Tight. If you have other leggings from Lululemon (the Wunder Under etc) that are not thick, I might recommend going up a size in these ones so that you feel more comfortable. Let me know if you have any questions!