Yoga Studio Review: Maui Hot Yoga Kickboxing, Kihei, HI

By the time I found my way into the “Blue Room,” that is Maui Hot Yoga, I had already tried multiple studios, all of which were lovely, but none of which really had me interested in returning. Let me just say, this studio is a gem! They don’t call is the blue room for no reason; painted entirely blue (even the ceiling, although thankfully not the floor) by a local mural artist, complete with whales, dolphins, sea turtles and ripples, the whole aesthetic creates quite an effect. I will say, although many people like it, I tend to prefer a bit of a cleaner more modern looking studio, the room itself is not the reason I got hooked on this studio. The pleasant surprise of this yoga room came in the form of the amazing teachers that it employs. The first class I took was one led by the manager of the studio Gray, and it was one of the most challenging and interesting vinyasa classes I have ever taken. He incorporated functional movement into his class as well as strengthening exercises and awesome combinations with fun and different transitions. After attending Gray’s class, I found that I also loved Kim, Elise, Regina and Kellie’s classes, and found that each teacher brought their own flare and style. 

Just a tidbit to know, some of the teachers do not walk around the class and give adjustments, if you are a student who needs that. While I do love that generally, the reason is understandable as generally the flows can be quite complicated that it’s quite helpful for the teacher to be demo’ing so that the students can have a chance at following along. The classes range in time from 1 hour to 1.5 hours, and every teacher is a little bit different. One thing you can be sure of is that you will sweat! Make sure to bring your yoga towel and water and if it’s your first time in a hot yoga class, set your mat up close to the door where it’s the coolest. There are no showers at the studio, and the bathroom is a shared one that is outside, down the stairs and around the corner, make sure you grab the key! After your amazing hot yoga class, it’ll feel like a cool breath of air when you leave Maui Hot Yoga and walk out in the 80 degree heat of Kihei. Treat yourself and walk 3 blocks down to the beach for a jump in the ocean after class… You can’t beat that!